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When our brand ambassadors are in-store your brand makes stands out! Field Marketing creates brand-conscious shoppers and promotes brand loyalty. We make sure it's done right, focusing on meaningful interactions and experiences for your clients. With strong core values rooted in our people and innovation through our unique ongoing sales training, we go beyond expectations, optimising your market share and increasing your bottom-line profits.


We find, train, and manage in-store ambassadors to ensure optimal results for you - implementing and executing memorable experiences for your customers. Our ambassadors are trained to convert these experiences into sales and build brand loyalty.


No matter how much noise you make about your brand or product, nothing replaces spending time interacting with people face-to-face.  We are famous for conceptualising positive experiences that boost awareness of your product offerings and uniquely position your brand in the minds of consumers.


Our fully trained promoters have the skills and enthusiasm to intrigue & engage with your customers. Our project managers are highly responsive and agile. They ensure the sort of mobility that all great promotions require.


Our national infrastructure means we can serve your brand anywhere in South Africa. At Leegra, we leave nothing to chance and our in-house operational business units ensure the smooth running of all campaigns, with consistent messages and standards across the entire country. 

Our own teams of highly-skilled, dedicated staff handle everything for you, from recruitment through training, research, reporting, design and branding. Our long and successful history across such diverse sectors as Cellular, FMCG, Banking & Financial, ICT and Audio Visual ensures we remain at the forefront of our industry in the areas of brand management, sales, technology, advanced training (product, soft skill and work related) and technical support, bringing our unique cross-industry perspective to ensure the growth of your brand.


At Leegra we design our training plans to empower your staff to be confident brand ambassadors in the trade by creating experiences that are relevant to the consumer. We do this by equipping your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve business objectives whilst adopting the identity, character and values of the brand we represent.

STrategic  alignment

At Leegra we believe training is more than just sharing product information. We train for your gain! Our training plan development starts by adopting our clients strategic plan and structure every aspect of our training to drive our clients business objectives.

Visible  results

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.A shining crescent far beneath the flying vessel. Our dedicated reporting department creates interactive reporting tools that highlight the effectiveness of our training initiatives. Nothing is left to chance and every initiative is measured by the positive impact it makes where it matters …. on the sales floor.

Creating  brand ambassadors

Through our training initiatives we develop your brand ambassadors. While our staff represent you in the trade they visibly exude your brand identity, values and attitude. We select candidates inline with your brand profile and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently represent your brand in the trade.

Project Management

We are expert performance analysts and continually advise our clients on strategic opportunities to enhance results. Dynamic structure ensures that we can respond to the ever changing retail landscape instantly to ensure our clients never miss an opportunity to maximise sales, awareness and growth.

Winning  at  retail

We are focussed on differentiating your offering in the hyper competitive retail landscape. This starts from analysing market trends and formulating training, sales and promotional campaigns aimed at creating experiences that are relevant for consumers. Our customer interactions are always engaging, insightful and geared towards turning sales conversations into sales.


With our finger firmly on the pulse of staff growth we are able to identify the next leaders in every organisation. We actively monitor individual performance and always seek methods to further develop staff competency in every area of their function.


We offer a powerful extension of resources through innovative train the trainer programs. Training is a skill we teach individuals to give you the competitive advantage regardless of location or circumstance.


Leegra develops brands through people. Our staff undergo intensive knowledge and skills training in preparation of representing your brand in the trade. Training is continuous and never restricted to a classroom. We utilise blended training programs incorporating the latest training techniques to educate, motivate and inspire staff to excel in the retail space. Do not be surprised when you see members of our management team working alongside in the trade, actively doing “on the job” coaching.

What our clients are saying


Let Leegra market your brand and experience the results for yourself. Our commitment and dedication to service excellence goes way beyond expectation when it comes to delivering on our promise…to sell, sell, sell! Leegra has clearly identified through years of experience that even well-established brands require specialised and unique training of their in-store sales staff.