We provide the best people, equipped with the latest technology to properly manage your shelves. Our technology ensures that you have constant eyes on your product movement with real-time insights. We apply industry-specific insights to maximise results in any field and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

We understand your business requirements and through trained staff resources, cutting edge technology and specialised operations and logistics, we are able to tailor a solution for you and fulfil these expectations. We apply a hands-on approach and an open-door policy to training, coaching and mentorship thereby delivering only the highest standards.

Rooted    in    consistency.
    for    change.

Our rich history in the retail environment, from operations and logistics to sales and on shelf availability, has built our business on a strong foundation. It is because of this, along with the funnelling down of knowledge and experience, that we have created the quality and tailored service that we can offer you today.  Add to this your brand policies and our day-to-day feedback enables us to provide you a better service tomorrow.


Working strategically and tactically to pack and replenish stock in-store not only ensures product availability and visibility, but delivers the customer with the shopping experience they come to expect from your brand. As we firmly believe at Leegra, on shelf availability trumps all, ensuring long term consumer brand loyalty.


From truck to storage and storage to shelf, our replenishers are trained in the latest product handling methods for each individual item, minimising product damage and returns. Our teams are highly trained to place and display products to the planogram with precision. Spoilt or expired products are tardily managed to keep customer complaints away and waste levels down.


Our quality and experienced replenishers are supported by the latest technology and a team of infield managers who together make sure that your brand’s retail standards are always met. Our tech stack is adopted by all competing syndicated agencies. Built by retail operators for retail operators. It is unique in that it not only gives real time line of site of the shelf movement, but also provides automated tasking, motivation and recognition.



To date, not only have we maintained our client base but continue to improve our service offering to them.


We have consistently maintained an average KPI score of 96% across our client base putting us ahead of the competition.


Our staff retention rate is improving year on year. This year we had a 17% improvement in staff turnover.


Want the peace of mind that comes with knowing every move on your shelf? Our experienced operators will give it to you.